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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cleveland Magazine Best of Cleveland


The Best of Cleveland 2007 Food & Drink

From the editors
Cleveland will always be our home sweet home. And this year, we found 63 things that make it ever tastier — from a towering achievement created entirely out of fondant, to an independent clothing store that carries only fair-trade clothing, to a 5K like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And since it’s not always a piece of cake finding the best things our city has to offer, we asked around. You’ll hear about Brady Quinn’s favorite spot in town, Jim Donovan’s favorite Cleveland sports moment and more favorites from local celebs — plus 57 picks straight from our readers.


Spread hummus on a pita, and you’ve got a quick meal full of earthy flavors. But chef Zack Bruell at Table 45 has taken a simple spread to dazzling heights with his goat cheese hummus. The tartness of tahini, nuttiness of chickpea and smooth zing of chevre combine into a balanced, tangy dip. Served with fresh-out-of-the-tandoori-oven naan that is soft and light and just a touch crisp, the hummus undergoes a transformation. The warm flatbread mingles and melts with the cheese in the dip, creating an ethereal, smooth texture — full of flavor — that you just won’t get out of a plastic tub. It’s already caused us heated debates over the last smidgen in the serving dish.; 9801 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland; (216) 707-4045


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