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Thursday, June 19, 2008

See how it's made at Table 45

Cutting-edge style with international influences
By Katie Walsh
Special to Metromix
June 18, 2008

The chefs at Table 45 have nothing to hide.

The swanky restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience—the chef’s table. The semi-circular table seats 8-10 people and sits in a glass-enclosed room in the middle of the kitchen, affording patrons an insider’s view of what actually happens behind the scenes (and no, it’s nothing like “Waiting”).

“People book the room because they want to see the chefs work,” said general manager Todd Thompson. “It’s a really cool experience, and the more you’re interested in food, the more you’ll love it.”

The restaurant offers several different packages that vary in price:
•Six course meal at $80 per person, or a four to five course meal around $60 per person;
•Prix fixe meal (cost varies);
•Meal where patrons order off the regular menu (must be at least three courses).

The extravagant six-course package also includes a $100 service fee because one chef works exclusively for the chef’s table meal. Chefs decide on package menus based on what ingredients are fresh and available. They are also happy to work with patrons who have special requests regarding the menu—whether it’s a peanut allergy or a specific dish they want to try, Thompson said.

“It’s a way for the chefs to get even more creative,” he said. “We see some of the best work we do in the chef’s table meals.”

But the chef’s table isn’t just about observing kitchen operations. The chef spends quite a bit of time talking with the guests about how food is prepared. In addition, the Table 45 staff is happy to do wine pairings for any meal. Table 45 usually does about three chef’s tables a week, so if there’s a specific date you’re looking for, call well in advance. And while you’re there, feel free to wander around the kitchen a bit—it’s allowed. Just don’t get in the way.


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