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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Table 45
with a Decadent Three Course Prix Fixe Menu!

Amuse Bouche
Special Sushi Roll

First Course
Lobster Bisque with Rock Shrimp Fritters
Pan Seared Diver Scallops, Candy Strip Beets, Rocket Salad
tossed with Tangerine Oil, Cranberry Gastrique

Second Course
Fig Stuffed Rack of Lamb, Pepper Crusted Scampi, Roasted Garlic Israeli Couscous,
Roasted Eggplant, Tomato Jam
Pan Seared Striped Bass, Saffron Lobster Ravioli, Braised Kale,Pancetta,
Lime Chardonnay Cream Sauce

Third Course
Chocolate Trio Seduction for Two

all items available a la carte, see server for details

Menu available for dinner service Friday, February 12th thru Sunday, February 14th

Monday, February 1, 2010

From Cleveland Magazine's Sexy Singles Article...

Issue Date: February 2010 Singles Out: Rick ArgosoEdited by Kim Schneider; Stories by Emily Garvey, Lauren Hennen, Christina Ipavec, Kristin Majcher, Rebecca Meiser, Brittany Moffat, Beth Stallings, Carly Toyzan and Aaron Yeager

Rick Argoso, 31Chef, Table 45

The perfect date: It would start with a trip to the West Side Market or Whole Foods to get food to prepare dinner. Then back to my place to prepare a chef’s table sort of thing. There’d be romantic music, candlelight and great conversation. I think cooking together would be kind of cool. It would help break the ice.

Something most people don’t know about me: I took organ lessons when I was younger. I always wanted to follow my older brother, and he took lessons, so I did too. That lasted maybe a year. I was terrible.

My cell phone: A BlackBerry Tour

Biggest turn-on: A good kisser

Biggest turnoff: Someone who talks too much and who’s all about themselves. I own too many: Pairs of jeans. I think I have like 16 pairs.

My favorite … place in Cleveland: The Metroparks. It’s a relaxing atmosphere where you can go for a hike or go golfing. It’s a stress reliever. …

sports team: I love the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I am originally from Toronto, so part of my heart belongs to the Raptors. ...

book: I’m not really into reading a lot of novels. I have this hardcover book called Art Culinaire that I use to come up with new ideas. It’s full of ideas and recipes from different chefs around the U.S. It’s a phenomenal cookbook. …

vacation destination: The Philippines. It’s just a very simple way of life there. You don’t have the hectic craziness. I’m part Filipino, too, and I do have family there. …

dessert: Anything with chocolate and raspberries. … blog: I’m not into blogs.

Facebook: yes or no? I do have Facebook. I’m on it because all my friends are on it. I look at it once in a while to keep up with my friends back home, but I’m not on my BlackBerry 24/7 updating my profile.

My usual hangout: If I am not at work, I love going to the Bier Markt. I really enjoy Belgian beer. In high school I was …

A jock. I used to play a lot of sports — basketball and volleyball mainly.My passion: My passion is for cooking.

My passion is food. I’ve been a chef for 10 years. My best feature: People say I have a nice smile.

My bad habit: I can be messy and clean at the same time.

My first kiss: It was back in the fourth grade. It was one of those get-togethers with all of your friends where you play a kissing game, and you have to go in the closet for two minutes and kiss the other person.

My guilty pleasure: I’m a candy freak. I love candy. There’s always candy in my office, my car, at home.

How my ex would describe me: I would hope they say I am a very good listener and that I am passionate.

Blondes or brunettes: All of the above. I don’t really have a preference.

Going out or staying in: I prefer to stay in. When you’re at home, you can be laid-back and totally be yourself.

Early, late or right on time: It depends. To work I’m on time. Everything else I’m usually a few minutes late.

Dogs or cats: I’m definitely a dog person. I don’t like cats.

My longest relationship: Five years

Beer, wine or martinis: It all depends on what I’m doing. If I’m with my guy friends, I’m going to grab a beer. If not, wine’s always good.

Roses or chocolates: Chocolate because I love candy

My No. 1 dating rule: Turn your phone off. If you’re on a date, concentrate on whom you’re with, not on what’s vibrating in your pocket.

My deal-breaker: Bad teeth and bad breath

I hate when a date orders … something vegetarian because I may feel obliged to order something that’s not meat. And I’m definitely a meat eater.

Worst pickup line: “You must be tired because you’ve running in my mind all day.”

If I could marry anyone: Jessica Alba. Just because she’s hot.

On a first date I never … go farther than first base. I’d try to stop with a kiss.

Best place to meet someone: Work because I work so much. Besides that I’d have to say the grocery store.

Most unusual place I’ve met someone: I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in an unusual place. My take on

Cleveland’s single scene: I’m not too sure. I really don’t have an opinion on it.